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Fish and Lake Improvement Program
for the Parkland Region

World Class Trout Fishery in Manitoba's Parkland


Farewell to a Friend
Vern (Rosie) Rosnoski

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A Hello and Big Thank You - from Ray & the FLIPPR Crew

Thank you Phil Rowley presenting a cheque for $500 to FLIPPR! Your donations go a long way.

"FLIPPR, I just wanted to advise your excellent organization that the four of us had an another excellent experience fishing FLIPPR lakes in both the Western and Eastern Parklands. We caught and released over 50 large trout:
Browns, Rainbows and two large Tigers too. Bob Morenski’s and Bill Pollock's advice was valuable and greatly appreciated. I have placed my FLIPPR sticker (as a member) on my rear window to initiate conversations with fellow C&R fly fishers to help create awareness here, and I am sure we will do another expose at an upcoming meeting of the Ottawa Flyfishers. I expect the others in our group will join/contribute if they haven't done so already for this year.
Thanks again for helping create an excellent fishing experience. We'll be back!" - Wade Cuthbertson

Also along for the trip, Bob Jurmain with another great tiger catch.


Looking for some really BIG trout?

Then you have found the right place.

The Manitoba Parkland has many lakes that are regulated to maintain a
high population of really BIG fish!

FLIPPR or Fish and Lake Improvement Program
for the Parkland Region
is a volunteer committee with the sole purpose to enhance angling possibilities
for the entire Parkland and surrounding areas.

Please have a look around our website and contact us if you require further assistance.