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Fish and Lake Improvement Program
for the Parkland Region

World Class Trout Fishery in Manitoba's Parkland

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FLIPPR would like to apologize to all visitors to our website and any one else who may have used our email over the past year.  An administrative mix up has meant that emails have not been responded to or dealt with for over a year.  Communication is very important, we understand that, and there is no excuse for the error that has occurred.  We are happy to be able to say that the mistake has been rectified and FLIPPR will endeavor to return a response to any email received at as quickly as possible. 
                                                                Once again, our sincerest apologies. - FLIPPR"


Looking for some really BIG trout?

Then you have found the right place.

The Manitoba Parkland has many lakes that are regulated to maintain a
high population of really BIG fish!

FLIPPR or Fish and Lake Improvement Program
for the Parkland Region
is a volunteer committee with the sole purpose to enhance angling possibilities
for the entire Parkland and surrounding areas.

Please have a look around our website and contact us if you require further assistance.